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Our bodies rely on the substances we consume to produce and store energy for times of scarcity. Metabolism plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s normal functions, but it doesn’t always operate efficiently due to various reasons, such as nutritional deficiencies.

Lipo Folate+B12

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Liposomal Technology for Metabolism Formulas

Metabolism, also known as “metabolism” in Hebrew, refers to the process of breaking down and rebuilding the substances that enter our body from the environment. These substances include everything from air and water to food, which are used to construct the body and produce energy. Within our body, these substances are broken down through digestion, after which any unnecessary waste is expelled through defecation and other means.

Metabolism is responsible for maintaining a stable and healthy body weight, as well as affecting our energy levels and immune system. The rate of metabolism can vary from person to person, making it difficult for some individuals to maintain a desired weight or energy level. Additionally, as we age, our metabolism naturally slows down and our body becomes more prone to storing fat for future use.

At Sequoia, we have developed formulas designed to help speed up metabolism and support overall health. While we may all dream of eating without restriction and effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight, our metabolism plays a crucial role in regulating our body’s energy production and utilization.

Enhancing Metabolism with Liposomes

Vitamin B12 and Folate are essential nutrients for the normal activity of most body systems, including metabolism and energy production processes. However, many people who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle may suffer from a deficiency of these vitamins, as they are primarily found in animal products. Even omnivores may experience a deficiency due to relying on processed and industrialized food.

Methyl folate, the active derivative of folic acid or vitamin B9, is also essential for metabolism and deficiency of this vitamin is associated with a decrease in metabolic activity. A diet based on processed food and low absorption of folic acid can cause this deficiency.

Iron is the most common mineral in the body and is necessary for various processes, such as brain functions, normal growth, and the immune system. Iron is also essential for metabolism of proteins, sugars, and fats, and plays a key role in the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin that regulate mood.

Our LIPO IRON formula is designed to support these essential processes by providing the body with the necessary amounts of iron and other key nutrients.

How to Use Sequoia Metabolism Formulas

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge for many people, even if they follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. At Sequoia, we offer a range of liposomal products that can help regulate metabolism, and are best combined with a balanced diet.

Our liposomal products are formulated in a liquid form that is easy to swallow, eliminating the struggle of consuming large, tasteless capsules. Each bottle of our metabolism-boosting formulas contains 25 servings and can be refrigerated for up to 45 days after opening. Positive effects can be noticed after just a few days of use, but it is important to use the products regularly over time to achieve maximum benefits.