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Energy Boost

Morning coffee may not always provide the desired energy boost, and maintaining a healthy diet can also be challenging. To address these concerns, we have developed energy-boosting formulas using liposomal technology that enhances the absorption of high bioavailability substances. Our range of products includes vitamin B12, as well as formulas designed for both women and men. At Sequoia, we offer solutions to support a healthy lifestyle and provide sustained energy throughout the day.



לרוגע, שקט נפשי, הפגת מתחים
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Lipo Folate+B12

Key to systemic function.
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Help with normal blood flow to the brain
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Iron Formula
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Liposomal formula for men
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Liposomal formula for hair and nails
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Many of us struggle with a lack of energy in the morning, even after getting a full night’s sleep. Unfortunately, not many of us are able to get the recommended eight hours of sleep necessary for normal functioning throughout the day. We often feel drained, walking towards our coffee makers like zombies, hoping that the coffee will provide some relief.

We don’t want to give you a lecture on the importance of getting enough sleep and eating properly, as those things are well-known. We also won’t suggest that you go to the gym, as that’s a given. Instead, we want to introduce you to our liposomal formulas and products that will bring energy and vitality into your life, improve your daily functioning, and allow you to lead a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, instead of waking up feeling stressed.

Liposomal Formulas for Increasing Energy Levels: Which Ones are Right for You?

Many people consume standard nutritional supplements containing iron, vitamin B12, magnesium, and folic acid, which are part of the vitamin B complex. When consumed correctly, these supplements help maintain adequate energy levels. At Sequoia, we understand that everyone has different needs and have therefore created formulas that cater to different requirements.

Our Focus formula, LIPO FOCUS, is a combination of herbs that help maintain normal blood flow to the brain, promoting calmness, relaxation, and reducing stress levels. Vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are part of the B vitamin group, are important for improving overall health, preventing anemia, and fighting chronic fatigue and depression. For vegetarians and vegans, who may not consume enough red meat, taking vitamin B12 is especially crucial.

LIPO IRON is another formula that we offer, as many people suffer from iron deficiency, including vegetarians and vegans whose bodies may not absorb plant-based iron as efficiently as animal-based iron. Iron is essential for reducing feelings of fatigue, weakness, and providing energy for the whole day.

We also offer formulas specifically adapted for men and women, as the needs of the two genders are different. Our formulas cater to these unique needs, ensuring that every man and woman receives the energy boost they need to tackle their day.

The Benefits of Liposomal Formulas for Increasing Energy

Sequoia energy-boosting products differ from the standard nutritional supplements you may have used in the past. Our liposomal formulas allow vitamins and minerals to break down only in the target cells, without being destroyed in the digestive system. With traditional supplement technology, the process of breaking down vitamins and formulas starts with ingestion, causing most of the biological benefits to be lost until they reach the cell. In contrast, vitamins with liposomal technology penetrate directly into human cells, resulting in significantly higher bioavailability compared to regular nutritional supplements.

Taking Sequoia energy-boosting products is simple and convenient. Unlike large, hard-to-swallow capsules, our products come in a liquid form that can be consumed at any time, with or without a meal. Each bottle contains 25 doses for daily use, and the product remains effective for up to 45 days after opening, even if you miss a dose here and there. For optimal results in treating low energy levels, it is recommended to consume the product regularly over time.