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At Sequoia, we have developed an anti-inflammatory liposomal product for you: the next generation of curcumin, known as one of the kings in the world of dietary supplements. Our powerful and natural product fights inflammation and is rich in additional health benefits.

Lipo Curcumin

A dietary supplement that contains liposomal curcumin.
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Science has already proven that liposomes are ideal carriers for anti-inflammatory drugs. The liposomes direct the passively loaded active ingredients to the areas of the body suffering from inflammation, where they release their cargo. In contrast, regular anti-inflammatory pills and nutritional supplements begin their decomposition process in the digestive system, in the harsh environment of the stomach and intestines, causing only a small fraction of the amount in the pill to be absorbed and to work. Liposomal technology, however, ensures significantly higher absorption with high bioavailability.

Recent research reviews highlight developments in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, vasculitis, and more. There have been studies conducted on animals and clinical studies on liposomal nanomedicines in the field of inflammatory diseases.

Sequoia Anti-Inflammatory Liposomal Formulations

Many consumers come to us regularly taking standard nutritional supplements and supplements that promise to alleviate inflammation. However, the effectiveness of these products can be questionable for the reasons we have already mentioned. At Sequoia, we have developed three particularly effective solutions to combat inflammation:

LIPO CURCUMIN: Curcumin is a well-known anti-inflammatory compound, but many people are not getting enough of it through traditional methods like mixing turmeric in water or taking regular curcumin supplements. Sequoia’s liposomal curcumin formula is designed to reach the cells directly with high bioavailability, making it a more effective solution for inflammation. Curcumin fights the symptoms of chronic intestinal inflammation, strengthens the immune system, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and has many other health benefits.

We believe that our products offer a powerful and natural solution against inflammation, with additional health benefits that you won’t find in standard nutritional supplements.

Proper Consumption of Anti-Inflammatory Formulas

It’s true that traditional nutritional supplements can be difficult to swallow and have low bioavailability, which means that the active ingredients may not reach the cells and tissues where they are needed. Liposomal technology is a promising approach that can increase the bioavailability of supplements and improve their efficacy. Sequoia’s anti-inflammatory formulas are delivered in a liquid form that is easy to swallow, and the liposomal technology ensures that the active ingredients are protected and delivered directly to the target cells. It’s also convenient that each bottle contains 25 servings and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 45 days. Taking the supplement regularly and continuously over time can optimize its effectiveness.