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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s common to be asked to juggle multiple tasks at work, home, and even as a student. The demands can quickly become overwhelming, making it difficult to focus and complete tasks efficiently. To help combat these distractions, Sequoia has developed formulas specifically designed to enhance attention and concentration. Our solutions allow you to stay on track, focus without interruptions, and tackle your tasks with ease. Whether you’re in the office, in the classroom, or at home, our attention and concentration formulas are here to help you get the job done.



לרוגע, שקט נפשי, הפגת מתחים
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Lipo Folate+B12

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Help with normal blood flow to the brain
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Iron Formula
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Liposomal Formulas for ADHD Treatment

Traditional treatment options for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD and ADD) include medication, non-drug treatments such as therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist, or a combination of the two. However, some people have limited access to behavioral therapies, and others are concerned about the negative effects and side effects of medications. This has led to increased research on alternative treatments for ADHD, such as natural products and nutritional supplements. Clinical trials have shown that these complementary treatments can be effective and safe, with little to no side effects.

Additionally, even those who haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD may struggle with maintaining focus on the many tasks they face every day. Whether it’s the concentration required in school, in academia, or in the workplace, the ability to handle multiple tasks is a common requirement. This is why we have developed a range of liposomal technology formulas that can help alleviate symptoms associated with attention and concentration and enhance one’s ability to focus on their daily tasks.

Vitamin formula for ADHD with liposomal technology

LIPO FOCUS is a formula designed to improve normal blood flow to the brain, thereby enhancing our ability to focus and concentrate. The formula incorporates powerful plants such as ginkgo biloba, bacopa, and Siberian ginseng, which are known to improve concentration and fight chronic fatigue that often leads to difficulties in focusing.

In addition to these plants, LIPO FOCUS also contains vitamin B12 and methyl folate. Methyl folate is the active derivative of folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) that helps to support the normal activity of the nervous system. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause mood disorders and thinking difficulties, and is often experienced by vegetarians and vegans, as well as omnivores who do not follow a healthy and balanced diet. Combining these two vitamins in a formula can help improve concentration and memory, as well as provide other health benefits.

LIPO IRON is another supplement developed by Sequoia that contains plant-based iron. Unlike animal-based iron, plant-based iron is absorbed less efficiently by the body. However, iron is essential to reducing fatigue and weakness, as well as addressing other health problems. Iron deficiency can lead to memory and concentration difficulties, among other symptoms. Taking LIPO IRON can help solve these issues and improve overall health.

The Advantages of Liposomal Technology for Improving Attention and Concentration

It is important to note that we do not provide medical advice and we do not intend to replace the recommendations of a doctor. It is widely known that prescription medications for ADHD come with potential side effects, but studies have shown that natural dietary supplements using liposomal technology can be an effective complementary treatment to a doctor’s prescriptions or behavioral therapy, or even a standalone option. Unlike prescription drugs, these supplements do not come with any side effects.

Conventional supplements that claim to improve attention and concentration can be hindered by poor absorption in the digestive system, reducing the amount of active substances that actually reach the cells. Liposomal technology enables vitamins and minerals to be effectively absorbed by cells without being destroyed in the digestive system, ensuring that the active substances are not lost and the bioavailability is significantly increased.

Our formulas at Sequoia are designed for ease of use. We avoid large, hard-to-swallow pills and capsules, and instead, we offer a delicious, easy-to-take liquid form that is appropriate for people of all ages. Each bottle contains 25 doses for daily use, and the bottle can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 60 days after opening. To achieve maximum results from our attention and concentration formulas, it is important to use the product consistently over time.