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The Benefits of Liposomes in Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

The human body is a complex machine that operates optimally with proper care. While many individuals incorporate minerals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements into their daily routine to enhance their health, few consider the digestive system’s absorption capacity. When taking any form of vitamin, the majority of its biological benefits are lost, resulting in lower effectiveness than expected. To improve vitamin effectiveness, medical and scientific professionals have thoroughly researched absorption issues, leading to the development of liposome technology.

What is a liposome?

Liposomes: A Revolutionary Technology for Drug Delivery

A liposome is a tiny, artificial bubble that contains components resembling those found around active human cells. Its spherical and hollow structure enables it to transport various substances such as vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceutical components while preserving their integrity and preventing them from breaking down before reaching their target cells. Upon encountering a human cell, the liposome merges with its membrane, allowing it to release its “cargo” directly into the cell. This process maximizes substance absorption without damaging or destroying them before they can be absorbed by the body’s various systems.

The potential of liposomes extends beyond vitamins and nutritional supplements, with numerous clinical studies examining their use as drug carriers for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antifungal drugs, chemotherapy for cancer patients, complex drugs for rare conditions, and even vaccines. Liposomal technology is expected to revolutionize drug delivery.


The Unique Abilities of Liposomes and the Role of Phospholipids in Health

Liposomes owe their unique abilities to the properties of phospholipids, which have a head and two tails with opposing biochemical properties. The head is hydrophilic, meaning it is soluble in water, while the tails are hydrophobic and soluble in oil. When mixed with water, phospholipids form closed spherical structures with a hydrophilic outer shell that enables the high bioavailability and absorption of drugs, vitamins, and minerals. This makes liposomes a superior delivery system, as they protect their contents from the hostile environment of the digestive system, ensuring they are not destroyed before absorption.

The two phospholipid moieties allow liposomes to make any substance they carry both water- and oil-soluble, enabling optimal movement into the cells without losing their health properties. Additionally, liposomal components can be modified to adapt to specific needs.

Phospholipids also play a crucial role in health beyond liposomes. For example, phosphotidylcholine is a widely-used phospholipid that supports the body’s cell envelope, produces an emulsion necessary for fat absorption, and is essential for the development of the nervous system. Choline, a component of phosphotidylcholine, is necessary for mood regulation, muscle control, and memory, as it is used by the body to produce acetylcholine, a significant neurotransmitter in the nervous system. Choline is also essential for fetal brain development and can affect memory function when added to the diet as a nutritional supplement. Its absence may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

How liposomes came to the world of medicine

Liposomes have been around for a while, dating back to 1965 when they were first introduced as an artificial replica of the human cell membrane. This innovation allowed scientists to investigate cell interactions and comprehend the transfer of substances in and out of cells. Over time, the exceptional qualities of liposomes as a potent drug delivery vehicle were discovered, allowing them to target specific parts of the body. This breakthrough paved the way for extensive research into the benefits of liposomes, particularly their ability to enhance absorption up to the maximum capacity of the body.

Liposomes – the technology of the future

Liposomal technology is a component of nanomedicine, which focuses on using tiny means to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Liposomes are utilized as a microscopic delivery system in this innovative technology to transport drugs to human cells. The engineered molecule acts specifically on the cells where the vitamins or other cargo is intended to go, bypassing other cells that could destroy the cargo, as is the case when it must pass through the entire digestive system. This sophisticated process enables the drug to be precisely dosed, fully optimizing its benefits, and allowing it to reach its target while being efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream.

The liposomal technology enhances the breakdown of the active substance in target cells and improves the absorption of oil and water soluble molecules. Consequently, the drug or vitamin’s effectiveness increases, and absorption can be optimized without any side effects. This technology is particularly critical in administering aggressive drugs, which frequently cause severe side effects.

The food supplements are perfected

The vitamin and food supplement industry has also been transformed by the liposomal revolution. This innovative technology optimizes the movement of vitamins into human cells and maximizes the absorption of supplements in the body. Unlike standard vitamins, which pass through the digestive system and lose a significant portion of their benefits before reaching their target cells, liposomal vitamins penetrate directly into the human cell, resulting in a dramatic increase in their concentration in the blood and a significant improvement in the absorption process.

Studies on liposomal vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin D, have shown promising results, especially for people suffering from severe vitamin deficiencies or absorption problems. Additionally, researchers are currently exploring the use of nanomedicine mobility systems to combat fungi, inflammation, and cancer cells. In the future, nanomedicine may also be used to strengthen bones and muscles, improve hearing, and even delay the aging process.

Uses of liposomal technology in nutritional supplements and formulas

Let’s talk about antioxidants, which are important in fighting destructive oxidation processes. Many nutritional supplements and formulas contain herbal ingredients that are considered powerful antioxidants. However, when we consume them, their concentration in the blood is often too low to have a significant impact on our health. For instance, Q10 enzyme is an oil-soluble molecule commonly found in supplements, but it’s not well absorbed in the intestine due to factors such as digestive system conditions and solubility. To address this issue, liposomal technology has been used to develop powerful antioxidants such as liposomal vitamin C and Q10, which are available on our website. These liposomal formulations can achieve much higher concentrations in the bloodstream compared to standard formulas, leading to better health benefits.

Herbal formulas: The use of medicinal plants is not limited to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and is now widely adopted in modern herbal medicine and even Western medicine. Among the most sought-after plants in the field of nutritional supplements is turmeric, with curcumin being its most popular compound that can be found in various stores, not necessarily specialized in vitamins and nutritional supplements. Turmeric has become popular due to its numerous health benefits such as its potential in treating diabetes, liver diseases, and promoting wound healing. Curcumin is known to strengthen the immune system, protect DNA from damage, prevent the development of prostate cancer in men, and even reduce the size of malignant tumors.

The topic of curcumin is not finished yet. It is utilized to safeguard the kidneys by producing special proteins to protect them. Additionally, it helps preserve cognitive function in old age. In a study among around 1,000 individuals aged 60-93 of Indian, Chinese, and Malay origin, those who consumed curry had significantly better cognitive functions. Although there are many other studies, there is only one issue in the field of dietary supplements: curcumin is not well absorbed, and its bioavailability is low when taken as a regular supplement.

However, the good news is that you can enjoy all the health benefits we mentioned by taking curcumin with liposomal technology. According to one study, absorption rates were up to 29 times higher than that of regular curcumin, with significant differences in the plasma curcuminoid profile. Another study showed that curcumin in liposomal technology was a more potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent than standard dietary supplements.

The added value of liposomes in our formulas

The poor bioavailability of active substances in the pre-absorption phase of the digestive tract is attributed to metabolism. As we mentioned earlier, liposomes act as a “lipid protector” against oxidation, decomposition, and enzymatic destruction processes that can occur after ingestion of active substances, making them an attractive tool for enhancing their efficacy. The biodistribution of liposomes depends on their physicochemical properties, such as size, size distribution, and surface charge, which have been extensively studied in the scientific literature. Liposomes initially adsorb to cell membranes and then penetrate through fusion or endocytosis. This significantly increases the bioavailability of orally ingested active ingredients compared to traditional carriers such as tablets, capsules, oral suspensions, and pellets.

Liposomes play a crucial role in enhancing the bioavailability of food additives and formulas, and their physical-chemical properties can be modified to optimize their effectiveness. One of the critical factors to consider is the size of the liposomes, which directly impacts their cellular absorption capacity. The size distribution of liposomes is categorized based on their nanomolar units and the number of lipid bilayers they contain. Smaller liposomes have a higher capacity for cellular absorption. To ensure effective absorption into cells, liposomes need to be of a certain size. Particles that are too large will not be absorbed and will be excreted. By leveraging nanotechnology and reducing particle sizes to less than 150 nanometers, nutrients can be effectively absorbed into cells with maximum efficiency.

Liposomal formulas – the revolutionary news of the world of medicine

In the past, liposomes were primarily utilized for delivering targeted drugs. Nevertheless, the diverse potential of liposomes is now being uncovered in various other fields, including nutritional supplements, vitamins, and formulas for enhancing health and well-being. At Sequoia, we take pride in leading the way in the advancement of liposomal formulas and vitamins, which is our area of expertise.

Although many companies offer standard vitamins of varying qualities, only a few lead the field in this unique science. At Sequoia, we are among the few who develop exclusive formulas that incorporate liposomal vitamins, as well as unique formulas to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Our unique blend of formulas makes liposomal technology accessible in dietary supplements by bringing it from the world of medicine. Our team is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality ingredients to increase the stability of the liposome and maximize the absorption potential of vitamins in the body. Our research and testing indicate that the high-quality ingredients in our formulas improve absorption by over 80% compared to other ingredients and standard technologies.

The application of liposome technology in the field of nutrition and supplements has emerged as a solution to the problem of low absorption rates and bioavailability of traditional tablets and capsules. Clinical studies have long documented the poor oral bioavailability and absorption of many nutrients. However, the use of liposomes, with their natural ability to encapsulate lipophilic and hydrophilic nutrients, has proven to be an effective method for protecting nutrients from the harsh conditions of the stomach and digestive tract, facilitating their delivery into cells and tissues.

The bottom line – the benefits of liposomal formulas

Nutritional supplements can achieve unparalleled bioavailability when using liposomal nanotechnology compared to standard supplements. Liposomes are absorbed through the oral mucosa and lymphatic mechanisms in the intestine, bypassing first metabolism in the liver for higher absorption and greater effectiveness with smaller doses.

Liposomal protection: Phospholipid-wrapping shields nutritional supplements from the destructive digestive system, allowing more nutrients to be utilized.

Cellular absorption: The similarity between liposomes and cell membranes aids the absorption of nutritional supplements. This molecular mimicry allows our bodies to directly absorb targeted nutrients into the tissue where they are needed.

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic: Liposomes can contain both water- and fat-soluble nutrients, making them versatile.

Improved compatibility: Liquid liposomal formulas provide a solution for those who have difficulty swallowing large tablets. Multiple medications, supplements, and vitamins can create a “pill burden,” but using small amounts of liquids can improve compatibility and yield better results. At Sequoia, we offer these solutions.

The benefits of sequoia liposomal formulas

The creation of liposomal formulas requires a balance of science and art, coupled with extensive research, process refinement, and an unwavering commitment to technological progress. Through these processes, we ensure stability, potency, compatibility, and consistency in every bottle or box that we deliver to you, without any variation in quality. Despite the lack of standardization or regulation in the field, we take it upon ourselves to conduct rigorous testing and adhere to strict processes.

At Sequoia, we have a team of dedicated professionals who carefully oversee the production process to ensure that our customers receive the best products available on the market. We continuously strive to innovate, develop, and research to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry and provide you with innovative products that help maintain and improve your health.