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Who We Are

The Sequoia Company provides high-quality and reliable nutritional supplements to meet the growing demand for effective solutions that protect against the multitude of health risks associated with the modern pace of life and increase vitality and energy levels. To accomplish this task, we have developed powerful materials at Sequoia and combined them with advanced technologies that allow us to produce the best possible products.

The final product that we deliver to you is a rich and high-quality formula, containing supplements of unparalleled quality that cannot be found anywhere else. Our scientific team has invested a lot of effort into developing multi-system solutions to provide an ideal combination of vitamin compounds, minerals, amino acids, and essential enzymes that can offer a comprehensive and long-term answer to a variety of health conditions and challenges. Our extensive range of redwood supplements offers in-depth and long-term solutions for maintaining general health, improving fertility, and managing a variety of diseases and symptoms.

How It All Began?

The Sequoia Company was founded based on a life story and personal need to relieve various pains using natural treatment. The founder of the company suffered a severe injury to his knee and joint, which caused continued pain over time. He tried various treatments, such as steroids, shock wave treatments, drugs, and injections, but none of them provided relief until he was spontaneously exposed to liposomal technology. He began taking formulas produced using liposomal technology alongside conservative treatments and noticed significant improvement. This experience inspired him to bring the technology to Israel and make it accessible to anyone who needs medical treatment and wants to promote recovery and reduce pain. In 2019, he assembled a team of experts to research and develop the technology, which gave birth to Sequoia, an Israeli company that is now a world leader in producing unique formulas using liposomal technology that provides effective solutions for a variety of health conditions.

Our Vision

The Sequoia Company is committed to providing high-quality nutritional supplements that use liposomal technology to maximize absorption in the body. As an innovative and pioneering company in our field, we produce exclusive formulas and products while adhering to high standards, innovation, excellence, and leadership in the global nutritional supplement industry. Our products are manufactured by the world’s leading professionals who conduct research, development, and production in Israel to provide the most accurate solution for our customers.

Public Trust

At Sequoia, public trust is a top priority. We understand that only honesty and responsibility can build a relationship of trust with our customers, which is why we maintain a high level of transparency. We strive to maintain open and honest communication, and we are available to answer any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have. To this end, we meet high standards of quality control, which ensures that our products and services meet and even exceed customer expectations. We are proud of our work and commit to the highest possible level of service, just as we invest in professional expertise in our products.

We believe that transparent advertising is essential to gaining public trust, and we take great care to ensure that our marketing materials are truthful and accurate. We do not make false or misleading claims, and we always disclose any relevant information that may be important to our customers. All our procedures are controlled by a food technologist, and our products come in bottles with a reduced number of doses to maintain the high quality of the liposome.

We Are at Your Disposal at Any Time

If you have any questions about our supplements or need advice before making a purchase, our team is always happy to help. Click here to leave your personal details, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.